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About Naja

I recently took a Personality Assessment and it told me things about myself only a mother or grandmother would know. As I read these words written as if by someone who had lived and breathed my very life experience, I sighed with relief that I now had one less webpage to write!This assessment accurately described what makes me tick, my values and how I play in the world. It made me laugh to speak to a test, “Hey, you GET me!”

So rather than telling you about myself, I decided to let the test speak on my behalf, because, when someone else can validate you with such accuracy, it can feel liberating.

What One Personality Assessment Had to Say

You are charismatic, fun, and
have an entrepreneurial streak
in you. A born rebel, you rally
against routine, rules, and structure.
You are—by nature—entertaining,
and therefore BOREDOM
is PAINFUL to you.
There’s nothing you dislike
more than waiting
(for anything!) or having
your time wasted.


Being a “GO GETTER” might
be an underestimate-you recognize
opportunity and simply attack it.
You are a master promoter
and a fierce competitor,
building teams, closing sales,
and telling stories with effortless
ease. Your negotiation skills
are unparalleled. Anyone would
love to have you in their
corner during a crisis.

You are optimistic by nature and sometimes
act on blind faith. Taking risks simply
doesn’t scare you, and you tend to always
work toward “building the better mouse trap.”
Typically, you learn best through show,
not tell, and prefer the hands-on approach.
You tend to move gracefully,
and have a natural-born dexterity
with tools, sports, and the arts.
You appreciate beauty and enjoy surrounding
yourself with all things aesthetically pleasing.

Here is a list of Naja's most common ACTION personality type's STRENGTHS:

• Promoting

• Performing

• Competing

• Flexibility

• Tactics

• Negotiating

• Realistic Problem Solving

• Creating Momentum

• Storytelling

• Having Fun

• Troubleshooting

• Building Teams

• Pulling Things Together

• Improvising

• Handling Crises

• Closing Sales

The Official Biography

Helping Entrepreneurs Become Best In Class In Their Industry

Naja Hayward speaks, writes, and coaches on how to get visible to your right audience using Social Media Marketing and become Best In Class in your industry.

Cited by the Valley Economic Development Center as an Exceptional Woman In Business and recognized as Coach of The Year, Naja Hayward is the President and Founder of THRIVE Entrepreneurs, a coaching, consulting and education company that supports entrepreneurs to build a thriving business that supports a fulfilling life. Her first book, Network Like A Boss, will be released in December, 2017.

Naja speaks to groups on Social Media Marketing, The Power of Productive Habits; Passion. Purpose. Profit., and Client Attraction.

Naja is based in Long Beach, California with her dog and son.

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